NeoCarbons™ provides industrial solutions for the effective remediation of effluent CO2 and/or for the economic production of high value added chemicals via the generation of micro-algae biomass.

Targeted industries that will benefit from NeoCarbons™ technology include pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, energy and transportation.

NeoCarbons™ designs, builds, and sells patent pending innovative photo bioreactors. NeoCarbons™ is partnering with engineering organizations for the industrial plant design and construction.

NeoCarbons™ is partnering with  key research institutes for the selection of algae stems and the optimization of process parameters in order to generate optimized throughput and reproducible quality of biomass and final products.

NeoCarbons™ is currently looking for investors and for industrial partners for the in-situ pilot validation.






Global Carbon Project 2010:
Ten Years of Advancing Knowledge on the Global Carbon Cycle and its Management
Download the Global Carbon Report.